Why self-care is so important – plus tips

You may think of doing things for yourself as indulgent. Who has the time? And isn’t it selfish when there are so many other people and issues that need your attention?

But more and more, mental health experts across the globe are recommending self-care, especially at a time like this.

Taking time to nurture yourself allows you to up your emotional and physical fitness so that you’re more equipped to tackle what life throws at you. 

Here are a few self-care ideas:

Put time and energy into your relationships with others. This means maintaining social connections even when you don’t feel like reaching out. Set weekly “meetings” to chat to friends and family over the phone, even if it’s just for a few minutes a day. This allows you to feel connected and supported at all times.

Bring the spa home by investing in a beauty routine. This can be as simple as a face mask once a week or moisturising your whole body after a wash. Ask someone close to you for a foot massage and return the favour.

Bring the outdoors in. Indoor plants have remained a trend for a reason – science has shown that being surrounded by nature makes us feel better so see what you can bring in from your garden. The kitchen windowsill, bedside table and bathroom are good places for plants to thrive.

Replace social media time with something uplifting, especially at the start of each day. Instead of mindless scrolling spend five minutes each morning reading something uplifting, jotting down things you are grateful for, praying or meditating.

Look after your gut – it’s linked to your mental health. The food you eat impacts bacteria that live in your stomach and diets rich in fruit, vegetable and protein have been shown to keep the mind sharp and keep cancer-causing inflammation at bay.

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