Ways to Keep the Romance Going In Your Marriage After Having Children

There are two types of married couples. There are
the ones who are married but their marriage is all about their children and
then you have those married couples who are still madly in love with each other
even though they have children. It makes you wonder, doesn’t it? It makes you
wonder how is that couple is still able to have so much love and affection
towards each other when you and your spouse are too tired to even hold hands.

So what are they doing so different than you?
It’s called effort and that effort comes from both ends. Both you and your
spouse have to want to bring the romance back in the relationship… it can’t
just be onesided. Now, that’s not to say that you have to neglect showing your
children affection to be able to give some to your spouse, you both just have
to make that effort to set aside time for yourselves just as much as you do for
your children.

If your marriage has hit a slump and you and your
spouse need a little TLC, take a look at the ways that you can keep the romance
going in your marriage.

When it comes to
bringing the romance back into your marriage, the number one culprit that made
the romance leave in the first place is your children, the majority of the
times. If you want to bring the romance back in your marriage, the first thing
you need to do is set aside alone time for you and your spouse. How do you do
that? Hire a nanny.

Hiring a nanny has
given parents a bad rep in the past. People would say that if you hire a nanny
for your kids it meant that you don’t have time for your kids and that is not
the case at all. Sometimes you just need a little time to yourselves as a
couple and there’s no guilt to feel there.

You can hire a nanny
for as long as you need them, you just have to look up their working hours, and
once you hire a nanny you become a household employer. You have
capabilities to hire them for a few hours while some nannies offer overnight
services. So, to get some of that alone time and your parents, friends, or
in-laws can’t watch them, consider hiring a nanny… your marriage will thank you
for it later.

When you and your
spouse first started dating, and even before having kids, you couldn’t keep
your hands off of each other, could you? In most cases, yes. But somehow, the
thrill of your spouse faded away the longer you became parents. You used to
hold hands in the grocery store and steal kisses from each other in the park…
why did all of that have to go away when your kids came along? Probably because

There are several more
reasons why your PDA has gone out the window but again, this is where that
effort comes in. Make it a point to hold hands or share a smooch in public…
this will make your spouse feel special, loved, and valued.

Going out of town is
the perfect time to bring romance back into the relationship… also, the perfect
occasion to hire a nanny so that the two of you can enjoy a little getaway
together. Trips out of town are just one of the many ways your life changes after having children.

Before kids, you could
just up and leave whenever you felt like it without worrying about finding
someone to watch the kids but in having kids, there are major life changes you
have to make but that doesn’t mean that t has to kill the romance in your

Popsugar.com even says that a little getaway
is perfect for bringing the romance back into your marriage after kids. Set
aside money to pay for a trip, even if it’s just a weekend getaway. Set aside
the money for gas, hotel, food, and entertainment to show each other a good

Nothing is more fun
than flirting with your spouse and it’s so simple. You used to do it but now it
seems as though you’ve gotten too busy or too old for it but the reality is
that it’s all in your mind. There are so many ways that you can flirt these days
too and technology has added to the flirting games. Whether you send a flirty
text to your spouse on their lunch break or make a flirty post about them on
social media, the flirtation is definitely going make some sparks fly, so why
not give it a try… in the name of love!