The Weeknd causes plastic surgery speculations as he debuts ‘new face’ in music video

Did The Weeknd’s get a botched Botox job?

That’s what has fans speculated after he debuted a ‘new look’ in his latest music video for his new song, Save Your Tears.

In the video he appears with  exaggerated prosthetics on his face, thick lips and fillers around his cheeks. In November 2020, the singer attended the American music awards with his face covered in bandage, which is what has fuelled speculation that he went under the knife.

Fortunately, the singer revealed that this was all a part of his overall aesthetic for his new music video and not a real plastic surgery job. 

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The four-minute-long music video begins with the singer on stage in front of a crowd wearing masks.

A spotlight lights up his face – swollen from what seems to be Botox injections – looking very painful with pretend surgical scarring imitating  a face lift.

The Weeknd dances around the room while his song plays in the background.

The 30-year-old singer eventually interacts with the crowd by jumping on a table and spraying champagne while taking sips on other people’s drinks.

He makes eye contact with a young woman, who is the only one unmasked. He takes her hand and leads her on stage where he takes out a gun from behind his back. He forces the terrified girl to press the barrel against his forehead before the shot fades to black.

The music video ends with him pointing the gun to his head and firing out confetti, he laughs before the credits roll out on the screen. 

Watch the music video here:

The weeknd gets a new face his new music video.

The weeknd gets a new face his new music video.
Emma McIntyre /AMA2020