Soweto man cries out for help – women faint within first 5 minutes of s.e.x

The poor man has been single for more than a year because he’s afraid of what happens when he pokes!

That’s because every time the sad 43-year-old from Braamfischerville in Soweto pokes a woman, they faint within the first five minutes.

But all he wants is a normal, loving relationship.

He said so far four women had fainted and he’s afraid of even greeting ladies now.

He told the publication his wife moved out because he was sleeping around, but four weeks later she died in a car crash.

“We were not even trying to fix things. We were both stubborn and proud,” he said.

“Six months later I thought it was enough time for me to heal and I had been cleansed.

“I got into a relationship with a beautiful lady. I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her.”

But they poked twice, and after she fainted both times she decided to leave him.

He then moved on with two other women, and the same thing happened.

On the advice of his brother, he saw two sangomas.

“They both told me my wife wasn’t happy and told me to go to her grave and beg for forgiveness,” he said.

He did that but nothing changed when he found a new woman.

One of the girlfriends told the publication she remembers him on top of her, but then she fainted and woke up after 40 minutes.

“After three months I couldn’t take it anymore and decided to break up with him,” she said.

“What happens in the bedroom is very scary. I don’t want to die.”

His brother (39) said the man needs help.

“We don’t know what to do anymore,” he said.

Sangoma Joseph Dungamanzi threw the bones and said the wife is angry and it will take time for her to soften.

He said not only is she angry because they were on bad terms before she died, but she also feels like he moved on too quickly.

“No muthi or sangoma will be able to assist him. He needs to be patient and beg his wife until things get better,” said Dungamanzi.

-daily sun

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