Polygamist Musa Mseleku tired of all 4 of his wives

The fed-up husband of four wives Musa Mseleku has had it and is threatening to report the wives to their families regarding the disrespect directed to him individually.

After a long meeting of airing their bad behaviors, and actions to each other withholding the names.

Musa says his wives are misbehaving because there is no mother-in-law to keep them in books. Since his mother, Flo passed away. He also mentioned that he does not expect any perfection from his wives because they have no guidance.

Polygamist Musa Mseleku family

Overall, he concluded by saying that he will take the reality show cameras to their respective families to report them and if they don’t fix it he will report them to his mother Flo who is now an ancestor and if she doesn’t fix it he will throw it to God. Of which his wives responded by laughing at him thoroughly.

In closing Musa highlighted that he doesn’t want to be starved s.e.x as a result of being reprimanded. as some of his wives use it as a weapon against him. But never in the threats of reporting his wives, did he mention leaving them.

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