Man caught having s.e.x with Village leader’s donkey

A man, who has been enduring a s.e.x drought since 2015, was caught having s.e.x with a donkey in a bushy area near his homestead in Gokwe, Zimbabwe.

The bestiality incident which has become a subject of discussion in Manami Village happened last week on Friday.

According to a source Kudakwashe Moyo, who was herding cattle, bumped into Silvanos Mukwazhi while he was busy bonking a village head’s donkey in the bush.

Seeing that he had been caught in a shameful act, Mukwazhi who had lowered his trousers to knee level during the act, took to his heels.

The source said the frightened Mukwazhi left his shoes at the scene.

Moyo never bothered to give chase, he took the shoes and headed to the owner of the donkey’s homestead and reported Mukwazhi.

“He reported the matter to the village head Ncube who later referred the matter to Chief Mkoka. Chief Mkoka is the one who is presiding over the matter,” said the source.

Appearing before Chief Mkoka, Mukwazhi said since 2015 after he unceremoniously broke up with his long-time flame, no lady has been accepting his love proposal.

“For five years now my life has been a sad episode because there is no lady who has been accepting my love proposal,” said Mukwazhi.

He said he has sought help from a prophet but nothing has changed.

“I enlisted the services of a prophet to help me exorcise the bad spell that was presumably cast upon me by my ex-girlfriend five years ago, but nothing changed.

“Since that time I have not had sex, out of desperation I had to have s.e.x with a donkey of the village head,” he told Chief Mkoka’s traditional court.

Chief Mkoka confirmed the incident: “I am a handling a case of bestiality where Silvanos Mukwazhi was caught having s.e.x with a donkey belonging to the village head. He admitted and apologized. The court will sit on Thursday next week for a ruling.”


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