John Vuli’gate reaches platinum status

Musial duo Mapara Jazz have reached a milestone. In just four months of its release, John Vuli’gate has reached platinum status. The song took Mzansi by storm last year when it went viral on social media and unleashed a dance craze, as well as a dance challenge across the African continent.

One of the members of the duo, Colano, told Daily Sun that they’re happy the song is doing well.

“We are delighted that John Vuli’gate has done so well. It started off as a song about opening the gate and letting the ladies into the yard so that we can have fun. But it has also come to represent hope in a hopeless world. It is our wish that in 2021 we all see opportunities opening up and our dreams coming true,” he said.

“We are honoured and humbled by the support from South Africans. Mapara a Jazz are here to stay.

Lionel Jamela of OpenMic Productions said this is yet another testament that local music is in great hands and has a bright future.

“We are happy and congratulate Mapara a Jazz for this major achievement. For a new group, they have outdone themselves and we can’t wait to see what the future has in store for them. John Vuli’gate is an obvious hit that we will not forget anytime soon. Thank you South Africa, Africa and the world for supporting our boys,” he said.

-Daily Sun

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