H0rny SA actress cries out after she shaved and Boyfriend didn’t show up

It’s far surprising what people decide to bring out to the public these days, especially when these cases are things that are supposedly private matters.

Just last Sunday, a young and stunning young lady took to her page on Twitter to tell people how she dressed for church. The middle-aged looking lady dropped on Twitter two photos of herself, stated that she had forgotten to wear her underwear before stepping out to church in a tight mini skirt and an armless white crop top.

Frankie Ntombiyenkosi Lukhele

Of course, as expected, hundreds of people trooped in to air their view on it. With over 15 thousand likes, most of the comments drove towards how nasty she was and how her aim was to seduce the man of God, Whilst others were there to drool over her captivating body.

In the same vain manner, another lady, this time a South African actress has also shared to the public how she was disappointed by her planned hookup mate as he stoops her up on their expected new year’s s3x-rump.

Known simply as a black petite actress, the Gauteng influencer, actress and fashionista cried out on her Twitter timeline that she shaved her personal stadium (referring to her privates) but the match got canceled.

Well as expected, dozens of people trooped in to advise her on what to do. Many said she was being dirty but a majority ask d he to opt for away matches. Here are some of the reactions so far;

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Frankie Ntombiyenkosi Lukhele