Berita tests positive for COVID-19

Beritasays she’s COVID-19 positive, after her husband, Nota Baloyi firstly got the virus in December.

Taking to Instagram on the 1st of January, the singer spoke about the hurdles experienced in 2020, and she revealed her current situation. The star says she’s yet to smell and taste.


“2020 taught me that nothing is promised. What matters is that in the many lifetimes of 2020 we survived. I spent the last 2 weeks fighting for my life against the novel Corona Virus. I still can’t smell or taste anything, I am not sure when my body will feel the same again.

Berita Afro Soul

However, she’s still thankful. 2020 might be an ugly year, but she tied the know with the love of her life in that same year.

“Nevertheless 2020 Thank you. Thank you for the ups and the downs. The yeses and the nos. The tears and the laughter. The valleys and the plateau. The trials and tribulations. Every moment counts. I know this for sure because nothing is promised, not even 2021.

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