7 Unconventional Date Ideas Perfect For New and Committed Relationships

Dating can be fun and stressful at the same time,
especially when you are stuck deciding the date every time. First dates and
date nights can seem repetitive. Dinner and a movie. Maybe go on an adventurous
date to mini-golf or go-karting. Dating is already hard enough and the stress
of finding unique date ideas can set in when you have to plan something.

The goal is usually to make an impression on your
date. While some people enjoy romantic dates, others may enjoy more adventurous
ones or relaxing dates. There are many different types of outings you and your
partner can go on that count as a date. You can always go the traditional route
if aren’t able to figure out something unique. But, there are unconventional
dates that will make your experience with the other person even more memorable.
Here are a few ideas if you need help coming up with something unordinary.

This is a more relaxed
date that makes plenty of room for conversation and bonding. Take a ride
through the country to watch the sunrise or set. You can also find a lake and
sit and watch the sky change over the water. This is a romantic date that can
lead to wonderful connections. This is a good date idea for any season. Think
about the scenery you would like to see to choose what time of year you should
pull this date idea out your back pocket.

It’s always fun
learning something new with someone new. Whether you are going on a first date
or a date night, taking a class together is a good idea. Think about something
that will include both you and spark creativity. People enjoy cooking classes
because they require you and your partner to work together to create something.
Other classes like pottery and painting are more individual-based but are inclusive
if you desire them to be. These dates are cute ideas if you want to gift your
partner something unique and personalized by you.

It is always sweet and
comforting to receive a handmade gift, so take a ceramics or artistic class to
get your creative juices going for your date. Handmade and personalized gifts are one’s
people rememeber forever. You can even take woodworking classes, along with
other interesting classes like candle making or glassblowing. Think out of the
box if you want your date to remember you and to create unusual memories.

Take time to relax and
catch a movie with one another. You could go to a nearby movie theatre or rent
movies to watch at home. Dates don’t always have to incorporate leaving your
home, especially when you have the opportunity to stream unlimited content

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It can be interesting
to see your city from a tourist’s view. Take you and your date on a tour around
the city and pretend like you are from somewhere else. Spark conversation with
others on your tour to learn about where they are from and how they see your
home city. This is a light-hearted date that will allow you and your partner to
be flirtatious and free. Leave room for humor as well, especially if you are
trying something new or out of your ordinary.

Take a bus ride or
train ride with no particular destination in mind. This is a cool date if you
want to explore with your partner and try something spontaneous. You’ll have
time to chit chat and get to know each other more but in an unorthodox way.
Bring a snack along with you or even plan a cute picnic on the go to make the
date seem more official and to give you something to do during the moments you
aren’t talking. This is a rather cheap and cute date idea for those in new
relationships or heavily committed ones.

Its always fun trying
new things with new people. Take a date to get some new food, but make sure it
is something you both have never tried. You want it to be a new experience for
both of you. Whether you’ve been dying to try a new cuisine type or a new
restaurant in town, plan a date to make memories with someone special. This is
one of many first date ideas that will get you and your
date out of your comfort zone. If you have a well-established palate and have
tried everything near you, consider trying something out of your comfort zone
at a familiar place. That way it is still a new experience for you and your
date together.

Trivia night is a fun
idea for a date if you and your partner are studious or know random facts.
There are all kinds of bars that have trivia nights throughout the week or
month. You won’t come up short when looking for a place that does trivia.

This is a fun way to
bond with your date because you both will need to form a team and collaborate
on the best possible answer. If you are feeling competitive you can make it a
competition to see who can get closest to first place at the end of the night.
This date idea is also great for double dating or group dating.