2 people die following Durban accident

Two people have died in a crash in Durban after a taxi collided with a vehicle on the N3 highway on Tuesday night.

Paramedics treated 15 passengers who were injured in the collision.

Some are in critical condition in the hospital.

KwaZulu-Natal emergency services’ spokesperson Robert McKenzi said: “They were treated at the scene before being transported to the hospital for continued medical care. The exact cause of the crash is not yet known and is being investigated by the police.”

Meanwhile, traffic officers are preparing for a busy few weeks as more motorists hit the highways for the holidays.

The festive period usually brings an influx of visitors into the Western Cape and to KwaZulu-Natal.

This time of the year is also known for a spike in road crashes, fatalities, and reckless and negligent driving.

And therefore, roadblocks and other operations are being intensified.

Sanral’s Western Cape region manager Randall Cable said: “We urge all motorists to drive with extreme caution.”


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